Photography by Anthony



Welcome to the photographic galleries of Barry Anthony Trop. This website contains my studies in the art of seeing. The practice of photography is really the practice of becoming visually aware of one's own environment. The photos contained on this site can be considered a photographer's diary and I will try to fill in details on the background of the photographs as I go along. The photographs have a way of speaking a thousand words, so I need say little. I have collected these images from over forty years  of shooting, starting with black and white film, through to digital photography. This site, like all creative endeavors, is a work in progress, always becoming more. 


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Travel Photography


The Blue Angels

Oil and Vinegar in a Bottle

The Art of Nature


A Water Glass

Flowers by Gail

Aviation Photography and Art


Cabrillo Beach Summer

After The Rain

Toy Railroad

The Fish

Bill Baily Cat

Footprints in the Sand


The Art Of Music

A Telephone Pole

Green Pepper Seeds


A Single Point of Light


Soap World

The Beauty of Rust


Low Tide

The Sacred Beetle

Dreams and Visions

Kitchen Sink Fresco


The Writers Corner